Agknx provide customized manufacturing plans tailored to your specific needs. All your farm machinery will be repaired and dynamically balanced.

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AgKNX is a local brand located in Canada, providing affordable and high-quality farm and ranch tools and accessories. We focus on providing you with the tools you need to get the job done. Our products range from large 3-point tractor accessories to our reliable pneumatic garden tools to small but vital fence construction accessories. Therefore, whether you are plowing the fields, laying fences, or just cleaning the yard, AgKNX products can make your work easier and can be purchased at an affordable price in your local farm shop.

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China Customized Sand Casting Iron Gearbox Housing for Automotive Parts comer agricultural gearbox

Product Description  Personalized Iron CZPT Gearbox Housing For AutomotiveBasic Items       Application/Support Area Metallic Areas Solution for Motor vehicle, Agriculture machine, Development Equipment, transportation tools, Valve and Pump system, Agriculture machine...

China Rexroth Gfb36t3b118-12 Gearbox Applied in Mobile Crane wholesaler

Item Description CZPT GFB36T3B118-twelve Gearbox Characteristics Compact, place-saving 2 or three-stage planetary design Easy mounting Practical oil adjustIntegrated multiplate parking device Minimal-noise operation High effiffifficiency Long provider daily lifeSort...

China Benoy Mrv Series Precision Aluminum Worm Gearbox Shaft out Worm Gear Boxes Reducer for Industry Transmission comer agricultural gearbox

Item Description Product DescriptionVarietyWorm Equipment Pace Reducer/ gearboxModelMRV Collection, NRV Sequence, DRV Series, TXF+MRV SequenceRatio7.5,10,fifteen,twenty,twenty five,thirty,forty,50,60,eighty,100.MaterialHousing: Aluminum alloy(dimensions 25~ninety) /...

China Combine Harvester Gearbox Lq68 Advance gearbox for agricultural machinery

Item Description LQ68 Merge Harvester Transmission :Description :LQ68 transmission possesses fast, medium and sluggish 3 speeds and functions of steering, clutching and declutching and braking, suited for total-feed merge harvester.Software :LQ68 transmission is...

China usedsecond hand farm wheel tractors massey ferguson mf1004 100hp 4x4wd with small mini compact agricultural equipment machinery agricultural gearbox group

Rated Power (HP): 100HPType: Wheel TractorProblem: EmployedBy wheel: 4 wheel drive/2wdUse: Farm TractorPush Type: Gear PushCertificate: CE/ISOYr: 2014, 2014Guarantee: 1 YrEssential Selling Factors: MultifunctionalAdvertising Sort: New Item 2571Equipment Examination...

China Tractor Trencher Soil Tillage Machine Rotary Tiller 30~100hp Tractor Small Rotary Tiller for Farm Garden Agricultural Equipment with Best Sales

Error:获取返回内容失败,Your session has expired. Please reauthenticate.Types of Gearboxes Used in Wind TurbinesMany manufacturers of wind turbines have chosen different solutions for the drive train of the turbines. Most prefer gearboxes because of their durability. These...

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Agknx Gearbox Company has been manufacturing high-quality gear drives for power transmission systems since 1975. Our drives include right-angle gears, bevel gears, worm gears and spindles, suitable for various types of on- and off-highway applications. Excellence can also custom design gear drives to meet even the most unique situations…from prototypes to final tested products.


Our manufacturing method utilizes the latest engineering software in the gear transmission industry to enable Zhuoyue to produce consistent and economical products and provide excellent service over many years of use.


In cooperation with Akgnx gearbox company, you can rely on attention to detail, customer-intensive service and quality control…These advantages have continued to grow and develop during our many years of business. Every product we leave the factory has undergone a series of inspection and testing procedures to ensure that Akgnx gearboxes can be obtained every time.

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