Agknx provide customized manufacturing plans tailored to your specific needs. All your farm machinery will be repaired and dynamically balanced.

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AgKNX is a local brand located in Canada, providing affordable and high-quality farm and ranch tools and accessories. We focus on providing you with the tools you need to get the job done. Our products range from large 3-point tractor accessories to our reliable pneumatic garden tools to small but vital fence construction accessories. Therefore, whether you are plowing the fields, laying fences, or just cleaning the yard, AgKNX products can make your work easier and can be purchased at an affordable price in your local farm shop.

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China Best Sales MC Series Hollow Pin Conveyor Steel Chain with Good quality

MC Series Hollow Pin Conveyor Steel Chain MC28 MC56 MC112 MC224 Product Description EVER-POWER conveyor chain is made of fine blanking, ball drift, and heat-treated components, which comply with DIN / ISO standards and have high strength and durability. EVER-POWER...

China Custom Double Enveloping Worm with Good quality

Double-Enveloping Worm Gear Sets Precise and powerful custom solutions. Cone Drive is the world leader in double-enveloping worm gear technology. Cone Drive gear sets are available in standard sizes and ratios or we can prepare custom worm gear sets to any...

JDLB Series large precision worm gear units

JDLB series substantial precision worm gear is surely an excellent substitute for precision planetary gearbox,the products producer can considerably cut down the cost of working with precision planetary gearbox .Hollow output with shrink disc, large precision , for...

Belt Set up And Reducer Application

Strategy of Belt Tensioningone. Calculate the deflection distance in mm on a basis of 16mm per meter of span. Center distance(m) x 16=Defection(mm).2. Use a spring stability and rule measure the force of your belt, if your value falls within the values given, the...

SMR Gearbox Set up

SMR Gearbox Set up Satisfactory effectiveness depends upon suitable set up. lubrication and servicing. hence it's important that the guidelines during the installation and servicing leaflet. provided with each gearbox. are followed thoroughly. a number of the...

SMR gearbox ordering instructions

how you can purchase the SMR gear box Gearbox Coding Gearbox coding Initially three letters: SMR Fourth letter, unit size: BCD EFG HJ Fifth and sixth digits, ratio code: 05 13 20 Seventh digit. signifies assembly: O shaft mounted pace reducer two flange mount Eighth...

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Agknx Gearbox Company has been manufacturing high-quality gear drives for power transmission systems since 1975. Our drives include right-angle gears, bevel gears, worm gears and spindles, suitable for various types of on- and off-highway applications. Excellence can also custom design gear drives to meet even the most unique situations…from prototypes to final tested products.


Our manufacturing method utilizes the latest engineering software in the gear transmission industry to enable Zhuoyue to produce consistent and economical products and provide excellent service over many years of use.


In cooperation with Akgnx gearbox company, you can rely on attention to detail, customer-intensive service and quality control…These advantages have continued to grow and develop during our many years of business. Every product we leave the factory has undergone a series of inspection and testing procedures to ensure that Akgnx gearboxes can be obtained every time.

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